Cassiopeia Promise : Flash Fiction Character

Here is my character contribution for the flash fiction challenge at Terrible Minds!

Meet Cassiopeia (Cassie) Promise!


The sodium light is her best light.

It brings out the ghost.

Cassie Promise snaps to the rhythm of the saints that have gone marching in. Where exactly is something Cassie knows, but she ain’t tellin’.

“I see you,” Cassie whispers to something in the dark just beyond the sodium halo. She perches one leg against the tall lamp and the other anchors her to the concrete. Snapping.

She tips the crimson top hat respectfully forward until it covers her brow. The black velvet vest and billowing cotton sleeves that protrude might be a little much for a summer night in the French Quarter, but, hell, if a girl’s going to wear platform heels, her looks had better kill.

A shape steps forward, becoming eerily detectable, “It’s midnight. You are mine, now.”

Conserving her movement, Cassie reaches into the neck of her
blouse and pulls from her chest a long gold chain with a small simian skull at the end.

“Don’t you hear me snapping?” Cassie almost sings. “Dyeh, manneh, parreh-et, chah,” she repeats until her face begins to dance. The hour warms.

The water in the air becomes thick, a force, which wraps itself around the shape like a wall.

“I will be back, I swear,” the shape shrieks.

Her left hand slowly draws into the small of her back where her fingers finds her blade. She grips, exhales and releases.

The head of the shape drops into her halo. She pulls the knife from one eye.

“No you won’t, I promise.”


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